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We have a range of ready-to-go Australian and international export pallets. Our pallets are made through automated pallet manufacturing machines and carefully crafted by hand. Our goal is to provide you with quality, continuity and reliability that you and your customers can rely on.

Timber Pallets
Timber Pallets
Timber pallets

Our Timber Waste Recycling Centre is one of Melbourne’s largest. We process industrial waste timber such as old pallets and skids into garden mulch. This benefits the environment by diverting waste timber from landfill and providing an alternative to green/virgin timber. We accept timber waste in all shapes and sizes from all commercial and industrial sectors including: the transport sector, building trade suppliers, ship-builders, cabinetmakers, construction and demolition.

Timber Waste Recycling
Timber Waste Recycling
timber mulch

The rich uniform colour of our environmentally friendly landscape mulches will turn your garden into a showpiece. With long lasting colour they will help your garden grow by retaining moisture, maintaining soil temperature and reducing soil erosion. Our 100% recycled timber mulch is a solution to helping keep weeds under control.

Timber Mulch
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