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We Accept the Following:
✓  Softwood timber - such as pine
✓  Damaged pallets
✓  Odd size pallets or skids
✓  One-way import pallets
✓  Timber crates and boxes
✓  Untreated timbers (fumigated timbers with the markings ISMP-15, MB, HT)
✓  Timber that
contains small amount of metal (including nails, small bolts and screws)

Pallet Removal Melbourne

Our Timber Waste Recycling Centre is one of Melbourne’s largest. We process industrial waste timber such as old pallets and skids into garden mulch. This benefits the environment by diverting waste timber from landfill and providing an alternative to green/virgin timber. We accept timber waste in all shapes and sizes from all commercial and industrial sectors including: the transport sector, building trade suppliers, ship-builders, cabinetmakers, construction and demolition.

Timber Waste Recycling
Timber Mulch
Timber Waste Recycling
Melbourne’s First Choice for Pallet Removal

Keep your worksite in an organised condition thanks to the team at Highland Pallets. for over 30 years we have worked with businesses and companies across all industries to deliver a complete pallet experience. Encompassing everything from supplying brand-new pallets to refurbishing and selling used and second-hand pallets we strive to provide a one-stop pallet shop to all of our customers living and working throughout Melbourne’s metropolitan area.

As a part of our commitment to delivering better working environments the team at Highland Pallets offer pallet removal services across Melbourne. Whether you have a surplus of pallets or your pallets have been damaged from exposure to damp or dry conditions we will take them away. By taking your excess pallets from your site we can free up more space for you to store your goods or expand your warehouses or buildings.

Waste Pallet Collection you can Trust

Waste Pallet Collection

Along with removing excess and functional pallets, the team at Highland Pallets can also remove damaged and deteriorating pallets, saving you from the headache of having these pallets take up space on your site. Thanks to our reliable and prompt waste pallet collection solutions we can streamline the daily operations of your site. Once we have collected your waste pallets we will dispose of them in an environmentally-friendly manner to reduce the impact on the environment. To find out more about our customer-first selection of pallet-related services call us today on 03 9316 8101.

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