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Wooden Boxes for Sale

The rich uniform colour of our environmentally friendly landscape mulches will turn your garden into a showpiece. With long lasting colour they will help your garden grow by retaining moisture, maintaining soil temperature and reducing soil erosion. Our 100% recycled timber mulch is a solution to helping keep weeds under control.

Timber Mulch
Timber Mulch
Wooden Boxes Made for International Conditions

Keep your goods in good hands from A to B thanks to the team at Highland Pallets. Drawing on years of firsthand experience and extensive training our certified and qualified team are just who you want for anything pallet and crate-related. At Highland Pallets it is our ambition to ensure that our customers gain superior pallets and crates that adhere to international safety and quality standards and regulations.


Offering a greater level of protection for fragile or intricate products, our selection of wooden boxes for sale in Melbourne help prevent objects from falling onto the objects being transported, and can be packed with insulating products such as straw or packing beans to offer an even greater level of protection. Made from durable timber materials our wooden boxes are constructed using innovative and proven methods to offer the highest level of protection at an affordable price. For a greater level of convenience, we also stock wooden boxes for wholesale use. From shipping to storage, you can greatly benefit from our exceptional wooden boxes.

Shipping Boxes for your Stock

Custom Shipping Boxes

At Highland Pallets we strive to provide the highest-quality level of service to all of our valued customers. With our years of outstanding transportation and storage solutions we have earned a reputation for excellence and the reliability of our range of products and accessories. Along with our wide range of standard shipping boxes, our resourceful and professional team can also design and build custom wooden shipping boxes based on the dimensions supplied by our clients.

Save Money without Loosing Quality thanks to Highland Pallets

Used Wooden Boxes for Sale

As a part of our exceptional services available to customers living and working across Melbourne the team at Highland Pallets can supply both brand-new and used wooden boxes for sale. Based on our customer’s needs and their budget our durable and reliable used wooden boxes may be exactly what they’ve been searching for. Thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure that they can go the distance without breaking, our used wooden boxes are a cheaper alternative to brand-new wooden boxes, ensuring that your goods get to their destination without issue.

To take advantage of our unique and competitively-priced transportation, shipping, and storage solutions call us today on 03 9316 8101.

Timber Mulch
Timber Waste Recycling
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