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We Accept the Following:
✓  Softwood timber - such as pine
✓  Damaged pallets
✓  Odd size pallets or skids
✓  One-way import pallets
✓  Timber crates and boxes
✓  Untreated timbers (fumigated timbers with the markings ISMP-15, MB, HT)
✓  Timber that
contains small amount of metal (including nails, small bolts and screws)

Wood Waste Recycling

Our Timber Waste Recycling Centre is one of Melbourne’s largest. We process industrial waste timber such as old pallets and skids into garden mulch. This benefits the environment by diverting waste timber from landfill and providing an alternative to green/virgin timber. We accept timber waste in all shapes and sizes from all commercial and industrial sectors including: the transport sector, building trade suppliers, ship-builders, cabinetmakers, construction and demolition.

Timber Waste Recycling
Timber Mulch
Timber Waste Recycling
The Leaders in Wood Waste Recycling

Keep your site clean and free from waste by calling the team at Highland Pallets today on 03 9316 8101. For over 30 years we have put the needs and requirements of businesses and companies of all shapes and sizes first to ensure that our customers receive the best service possible. Committed to delivering a comprehensive level of service to all of our clients throughout Melbourne and around Victoria we can supply brand-new and refurbished pallets and shipping crates as well as reliable wood waste recycling services.

Able to completely remove damaged and decaying timber materials from your site, our scrap wood waste recycling helps Melbourne businesses clean up their industrial sites and properties using environmentally-friendly and reputable solutions.

Keep Your Site Clean thanks to Highland Pallets

Timber Waste Recycling Melbourne

At Highland Pallets we know the importance of recycling and reusing timber products. No matter the size or condition of your timber products and materials our professional and fully-qualified team can conduct complete timber waste recycling in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

Offering a prompt and affordable range of services, you can trust the passionate team at Highland Pallets to deliver a stress-free experience for lasting peace of mind. By delivering responsible waste recycling solutions you can trust us to ensure that your unusable timber is disposed of without harming the environment. To learn more about our renowned and detailed timber recycling solutions, or any of our other services, speak to a member of our helpful and fully-qualified team today.

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