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Shipping Crates Melbourne

The rich uniform colour of our environmentally friendly landscape mulches will turn your garden into a showpiece. With long lasting colour they will help your garden grow by retaining moisture, maintaining soil temperature and reducing soil erosion. Our 100% recycled timber mulch is a solution to helping keep weeds under control.

Timber Mulch
Timber Mulch
Move Your Goods in Confidence with Highland Pallets

Get your good where they need to go with confidence and without hassle thanks to the reliable and reputable team at Highland Pallets. for over 30 years we have put the varied needs and requirements of our customers first to deliver premium and competitively-priced shipping crates for sale across Melbourne and elsewhere throughout Victoria.

Able to withstand the rigours associated with shipping goods over extended distances our range of shipping crates help keep your goods stable and secure, preventing damage and deterioration to your important and fragile goods.

Wooden Export Crates for International Shipping

Wooden Export Crates

At Highland Pallets we know the importance of delivering the best wooden export crates that Melbourne businesses across all industries can trust. Adhering to current international standards and regulations our wooden export crates are well-suited for use by many Melbournians regardless of the product being shipped.

Available in a number of unique shapes and dimensions to ensure that your product can be shipped, our selection of wooden export crates can handle transportation over land, sea, or air. Along with our existing range of wooden crates our skilled and fully-qualified team can custom-build strong and reliable export crates made from the highest-quality materials and species of treated timber.

Get Your Goods from A to B without a Hassle

Export Crates Melbourne

For exceptional export crates Melbourne companies can look no further than the experts at Highland Pallets. Thanks to our decades of experience we have earned a reputation for delivering superior and personalised solutions to suit the desires of our particular customers. to learn more about how you can benefit from our premium and competitively-priced wooden export crates call a member of our helpful and friendly team today on 03 9316 8101.

Timber Mulch
Timber Waste Recycling
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