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Highland Sawmill






At the facility raw logs are processed into timber with all excess material processed into mulch, sawdust and bark products.


  • On site kiln-drying

  • On site custom molding

  • Export quality finished products

  • First class pine chip

  • Pine mulches

  • Pine bark

The 1995 upgrade saw a new green mill operation installed. The infeed system enables logs to either travel via the Valon Kone 90 debarker, or be fed directly to the main saw unit via the elevating conveyor system. The debarker outfeeds directly to the elevating conveyor system. The main saw unit can be configured as a 72’’ headrig bandsaw or a reducing chipper head.
The log carriage is direct current driven, with electro-mechanical setworks, feeding a rollcase outfeed system.
Clean sawn flitches can be sent straight to the roof-top landing deck, or clean sawn flitches are routed to the Stenner horizontal multi-band resaw. The outfeed from the Stenner horizontal multi-band resaw then feeds to the roof-top landing deck. Flitches needing edging are routed via a Salem 4 Saw Edger. Flitches can then be routed via a short trim deck, or straight to the roof-top landing deck.
The roof-top landing deck feeds a decline transfer down to the greenchain.
The primary waste system comprises a belt conveyor for the trim deck, three 20m long vibrating conveyors for edgings and sawdust collection and separation, a chipper, a chip belt from the carriage reducer and two pneumatic systems for final sawdust conveying. A 350cfm compressor with refrigerated air dryer and receiver provides compressed air to the mill.


Green timber can be processed in one of the mill’s three medium temperature kilns. All three kilns have in-kiln Reconditioning. The hot water plant has a temperature hot water boiler closed Loop @ 160c. 
The boiler is a high efficiency 2 pass return with forced Draught run on natural gas.
Each kiln has an average of 20 cubic metres of capacity.
The planner mill offers the opportunity to machine finish kiln dried timber. All 250 and 300 Wide Board are machined on a Robinson (NL/T 1244) 5 Head machine.
Other material is machined on a Weining Hydromat H22AL.
End docking and grading is done manually and pulled from a dry chain for packing.


The experienced local team have been with the company for
over 10 years. The manufacturing site is committed to on-going safety and continuous improvements.

Office:  +61 3 5334 7525
Address:  258 Daylesford Road, Ballarat VIC 3350

In 1929 the Ballarat Water Commission established a small milling enterprise to add value to trees harvested as part of an integrated catchment management plan.
After several upgrades, the mill has been modernised to the advantage of improved milling technology and automation. 
Sited just off the main Ballarat to Melbourne freeway, 10 minutes north east from Ballarat, the Highlands Timber mill offers the benefits of being less than 2 hours by road or train from major markets and national infra-structure in Melbourne, while still close enough to come of the major sources of logs in Victoria enabling cartage costs to be kept to a minimum.

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